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About us

Why choose us?


The year 2020 marks the 23rd year in our office, which has been promoting various self-organized excursions including shorter/longer bus tours, overseas beach vacation programs, inland trips and many one-day trips.


For over the years we have been travelling throughout Europe therefore travelling has become a major part of our lives. Our own personal experiences and traveller’s opinions have grown to be the main focus point of creating the tours. It is important to us, that the beautiful sights and different experiences remain to our travellers as a positive memory of time spent relaxing within a good atmosphere.

We are expert of group travelling and orginising. We have plenty of offers travelling to Hungary, or travelling in Eastern and Central Europe like Prague - Krakow - Budapest - Vienna...!  


It is important to point out that our office not only organizes bus tours. We offer individual wellness weekends, flights overseas from Vienna, Budapest or Bratislava, boat trips, hotel reservations, travel insurance and much more. The search program found on our website provides hundreds of offers form our trustworthy partners with prices on an up to date basis. Within our office we provide personalized, detailed offers. Pre-booking and last minute offers are also available!


With decades of experience we provide individualized programs both inland and overseas for larger groups, for example: groups of friends, study tours for business’ etc. Make sure to visit us regarding any of the requests mentioned above.


We look forward to hearing from you in 2020 so we can make your travel dreams a reality!

Péter Jakab