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Group travel in Hungary


Business trips, team-building, professional programs, travel for groups of friends, study tours etc.

Longer than one-day programs at the Sopron region

For groups we offer individualized programs requiring the needs of the specific group. The programs found on our website can serve as ideas or we are able to create offers that suit every group’s needs.


Eastern and Central Hungary 
5 days / 4 nights


Central and Southern Hungary 
5 days / 4 nights


 Hungarian Traditions- Flora and Fauna
8 days / 7 nights


Why choose us for organizing group travel?

It is important to highlight that all of our services and all of our programs and packages are based on decades of experience. Our previous personal practice (the majority of the time spent as tour guides) contributes to our knowledge of arranging tours, creating packages etc. We travel alongside the groups therefore we know the needs of our clients, and we always strive to exceed their expectations. We possess practical knowledge of many cities, of different opportunities and ideal time-management! We turn to our regular partners (accommodation, restaurants) all throughout Europe, who are trustworthy and always at hand to help us.

Ask for a price offer! office@jakabbus.hu